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Batching plant for precast production

Image 0 - Betonárny pro prefa výrobu

Batching plant for precast production with its equipment,with the main parts is the same as a batching plant for ready mix producton..


  • In most cases it is used planetary mixer with intensive mixing. The mixer can mix the concrete mixture thoroughly, which is necessary for precast production.
  • Batching plants for precast production are mostly connected with other technologies. These technologies include vibration pressing, casting tables and other.The control system is adapted to this complete technologie.
  • Betonárna pro prefa výrobu je vybavena zařízením, které se pro transport beton nepoužívají (váhy pro barviva do betonu, vlhkoměry a konzistoměry).

Transport of the concrete to the follow-up technologies( vibration pressing, casting tables ) is implemented according to the needs of operation (by conveyor belt or by conflex bucket conveyors)

Batchinch plant for precast production usually has two mixing centers. The reason is sufficient supplies of concrete for the precast production or for the production of two-component products when in both mixers is producing a different concrete for one product for example such as tiles.

Under certain conditions the batching plant can be used for precast production and also for ready mix production.

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