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Batching plants for ready mix production

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Batching plants for ready mix  or precast production ssentially differ only in the type of mixer. Standard batching plants for the ready mix production are settled with pan or twin-shaft mixers 

The advantage is the fast production and consequently shorter delivery time of concrete.

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Function of batching plant (simplified)

Batching plant is used for the production of concrete mixtures according to specified recipes. According to these recipes, is weighed the individual components in the desired ratio, then conveyed to the mixer, where is the whole mixture thoroughly mixed. from the outlet falls out finished concrete mixtures directly into a transport car or trolley. Using the weighing system can be sold as individual components such as sand or gravel.

Operating staff

The base is trained personnel between the number of 2-8 people. Individual processes are controlled either manuály or automatically where the operator enters only the amount and type of concrete mixtures.

The machine room

  • Steel construction
  • mixer
  • weighing system (dosing of individual components)
  • skip hoist (transport of aggregates and sand into the mixer)
  • elevator
  • walkways


Aggregate bins

Aggregate storage bins are divided into three main groups, namely on:

  1. Tower - is positioned above the engine room and is divided into four to six chambers for various factions. It is filled with elevator or conveyor belt. Below the tower bin is placed aggregate scale or skiphoist. Tower bin is used when space is limited. The advantage is its large capacity- frontloading of material. It is used for machines with output from 40 to 120 m3 / h.
  2. Inline- is positioned on the axis or at right angles to the axis of the engine room. Usually divided into three to five chambers for storing fractions (sand, gravel). Underneath is placed collecting conveyor belt, which serves as a weight. Belt conveyor further transport aggregates to the skip bucket, which subsequently exported mixture of fraction into the mixer .Inline aggregate bin is supplied by loader. It is used for machines with output from 20 to 80 m3/h.
  3. Rotary bucket elevator - is placed above the landfill of aggregates using shovel collects material to the separating wall, which is equipped with dosing valves. Then the material is dossed into the skip bucket. . It is used for machines with output from 15 to 50 m3/h.


Cement/ fly ash silos

Cement silos are delivered according to the performance of the machine with a capacity of 30-100 t. Used for storage and for supply of machines with cement or with fly ash. They are equipped with a device for dust elimination, with Measurement of levels to determine the amount of material in a silo and with aeration device for improving the flowability of the material. The material is transported to the weighing system by a screw conveyor.

Supply with water

  1. from the water system - recommended connection size is determined by the performance of the machine
  2. 2. Water well or borehole - with a sufficient supply of water. In this case, it is necessary pressure station with intermediate container of water to supply the machine with water.

Supply with air

Because that most of the control elements is driven with air, it is recommended a separate source of pressurized air (compressor).

Electrical installations

According to the machine's performance it is necessary to choose adequate el. connection. The machine is equipped with a switchboard for high and low voltage circuits and is equipped with control system for managing the entire machine.

Control options:




Control system

Automatic control system offers the following possibilities: managing the entire cycle of mixing just by entering amount of a recipe, entering formulas, evidence of used material ,making sales documents .

Recycling units

Recycles concrete residues and waste water from the batching plant. During the maintenance of batching plant and mixer truck is produced a mixture of waste water, aggregates and cement. This mixture can be through recycling facility re-used for further production . On present trends and legislation is almost a necessity to have a recycling facilities.

For the operation of the batching plant is necessary to have a loader. The big advantage is own transport (sometimes even necessary).

Optional frequently used equipment

Cladding and insulation (to ensures the operation in winter period)

Camera system - monitoring machine operation (increased security), monitoring of outdoor space (security)

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