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Cement silos

Image 0 - Cementové silo

Silo is used for short term storage of of loose materials such as cement, fly ash etc.

Silos are supplied in volumes 15-80 m3. Silo can be single chamber or double chamber.

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Single chamber silo

The advantage is bigger supply of one type of the stored material, and the lower frequency of supplying.

Double chamber silo

The advantage is the possibility of storing several kinds of material, and thus the possibility of producing more types of mixtures.

Silos are equipped with components such as (overpressure valve, filters, ventilation, ...) for the smooth operation of the equipment and comply with all environmental requirements. The silos include steel construction, operating ladder with a basket and safety handrails on the top to allow regular inspection and maintenance silos.

Optional equipment:

  • Level measurement in two or more positions. Silo is equipped with sensors for scanning the min. and max. level of material with intermediate position when the device indicates only these positions.
  • Continuous level measurement provides continuous level monitoring in silos. This measurement provided by microwave probe inside the silo and by evaluation unit, which can be placed in the control room.
  • Measurement of the quantity of material by the strain gauges . This method is very accurate and easy to install

We can supply new and refurbished silos. The new silo is made exactly according to customer needs. Refurbished silo is repaired and treated with coating for its sufficient durability and is obviously cheaper than new.

The independent Control switchboard  for controlling  silo's accessories

Control switchboards are manufactured from high-quality components in the Company GAPA cz, Inc. so that switchboards may perform its function in demanding industrial environments in the long term. Switchboards  have adequate protection (IP) and for use in winter are conjured with tempering set. Operation is fully automatic or manually by using the controls located directly on the switchboard.

For the function of silo's filling switchboard can be equipped with a siren and beacons warning the operator of reaches the maximum level in the silo. Switchboard is fully functional when the machine is switched off.

The control switchboard is used for:

  • Cyclic aeration of stored material in the silo
  • Control of filter vibration
  • Monitoring the level of stored material

    Transportation, installation and service we provide throughout the country and abroad.

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