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Industrial platform scales

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Company GAPA cz Inc. is a manufacturer of industrial platform scales.

It has a complete product line of single-sensor and four-sensor platform scales, see table below. All products have a type approval and are authorized as commercial scales.

We supply more types of of evaluation units for those platform scales.

Suitable type evaluation unit is selected according to customer requirements and the environment in which the scale is operated.

Furthermore we could supply the appropriate accessories.

Industrial platform scales from GAPA cz Inc. are examined long-term use in demanding applications such as warehouses metallurgical factory, the mills, foundries, etc.

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Typ Verifiable Dimensions Capacity(kg) Readout(g)
GX 60 ANO 800 x 800 60 20
GX 150 ANO 800 x 800 150 50
GX 300 ANO 800 x 800 300 100
GV 600 ANO 1000 x 1250 600 200
GV 1500 ANO 1000 x 1250 1500 500
GV 3000 ANO 1000 x 1250 3000 1000
GT 3000 ANO 1500 x 2000 3000 1000
GT 6000 ANO 2000 x 2500 6000 2000


  • material receipt
  • release of material
  • sale
  • control weighing

Optional accessory

  • a tripod holder for evaluation unit
  • frame for embedding in the floor
  • printer for tickets or labels in various formats
  • distant display
  • signalization of limits

Custom production

Apart from a complete product line the company also manufactures platform scales according to the customer. Such scales can be made in all possible dimensions and weighing capacities according to the customer. You can choose from different kinds of materials and surface treatment, such as platform scales for the food industry with aggressive environments. Such scales have a special coating and polypropylene casing of weighing area. Besides conventional steel constructions weights can also be made fully rustproof.

On all offerd scales the company provides warranty and customer service. Spare parts in stock. Furthermore, we also provide official verification of scales, calibration of weights, operator training, putting into service and other services associated with weighing technology.

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