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Metal fabrication

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The structural steel work as well as other steel components fabricated and erected are integral part of the GAPA cz a.s. portfolio.

Several projects in more than 25 years made our people highly experienced staff. GAPA cz a.s. offers perfect professional works, high-quality execution and a long-term guarantee. Our welding operators back-up their qualification with European (or state) competency certifications for 111 and 135 welding methods, incl. gas welding and  welding of stainless steels.

Our bestsellers 

production halls  


shelters and roofing   

ladders and bridges   


towers and masts  

bridge structures

underneath silo accessories etc

steel work machine rooms for mixing plants  

With design drawings we can manufacture weldments of various complexity. In our Hradec Králové plant we offer individual customized products. Anything we do with metal we staff with amply experienced people. We dispose with generous stockholdings. All project documents is designed using the Autodesk Inventor.


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