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Pemat mixers

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What they write about themselves

Welcome to the world of Pemat mixers.
We have pioneered the processing of mixtures and our ever increasing number of customers confirms our success. This positive response is the result of close collaboration and communication with our customers which forms a major part of our company philosophy.

We offer economical and sophisticated solutions that are thought through and tailored to the needs of our customers. We are prepared to meet every challenge that is presented to us. By providing the most suitable and up to date technology we are able to meet the most challenging demands. Pemat's product range extends from small compact mixers right up to complete mixing plants, manufactured at our factory at Rohrbach /Landau, Germany.

Pemat mixers overview

High Speed Pan Mixer PM and PME

High Speed Pan Mixer PMR and PMRE with integrated whirler

Planetary Mixer PMP, PMPE, PMPL, PMPR and PMPRE

Conical Mixer PKM

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