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We manufacture  new or refurbished concrete mixing plants. Work is performed starting with  project documentation to the trial operation. Completion dates from 2 months

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We save your time with the complete implementation of batching plant and we are able to correctly advice you the type and performance of the device you need including all the necessary equipment. quick commissioning helps shorten the payback period of your investment.

Already in the preparation stage of the project we can arrange the cooperation with a concrete technologist. The technologist will complete the project of concrete plant with  machinery and equipment arising from the need for concrete production technology, which will result from market research, business plan, projected production volumes, produced concrete classes and brands.

We will help you to establish cooperation with manufacturers of additives and  certification organizations. This allows you have available recipes , substantiated tests and certifications before you put the  concrete plant into the operation.

Implementation of new or overhauled batching plants is performed including the training of your staff. Trained employee could use batching plant at its maximum.  

Differences between the new and overhauled batching plant  

New batching plant

  • contains 100% new parts
  • can be realized by European subsidies
  • is equipped with the latest technologies
  • by the implementation of a new concrete plant we are able maximum to adapt you

Overhauled batching plant

  • it is cheap and reliable
  • conforms to current standards
  • overhauled parts: steel frame, concrete mixer, silos, bins, skip, winch
  • new parts: electrical installations, pneumatic components, control, weighing sensors

Company GAPA cz Inc. provides the following :

Batching plants for ready mix production

Batching plants for precast production



Cement silos

Weighing systems

Control systems

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