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GAPA cz Inc. successfully deal with the problems in the field of industrial weighing. The company was founded in 1990 by specialists who have extensive experience in this sector.

The specialists like weighers, electricians and programmers with years of experience providing customer service within 24 hours throughout the country and abroad in three days.

Activities comprise a production of truck scales, rail scales, complete refurbishing and servicing of all weighing equipment and weighing systems.

WHY rely on us
24/7 SERVICE Contact us anytime with any defect.

SPARE PARTS IN STOCK We offer spare parts for batching plants and scales of all types.
AUTHORIZATION FOR CALIBRATIONWe own certificate of authorization to calibrate weights of all types.

Most of the components, spare parts and structural parts of weighbridges are in stock, so delivery times are very short, 7-14 days after signing the contract. Wide range of types of scales (mechanical, electromechanical, fully electronic) with different capacity (25-100 tons) and different lengths (8-20 m) allows you to choose the weight exactly according to customer needs.

The scale is possible to connect to PC + printer + program "Scale". The application of program fulfils all requirements for scale operation in all branches of business, industry and agriculture .

All types of scales are approved by European standard ČSN EN 45501+AC and they have granted decision about certification of measuring instrument type - CERTIFICATE - for trade weighing (3000 scale divisions).

Years of experience and cooperation with our customers confirm quality of production and flexibility of company service..

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