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Service of batching plants

Telefon Service of your batching plant up to 24 hours. Call +420 724 006 106

Repairs and Service

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Whenever we will repair any large and small defects on your device. Our fully equipped vehicles and trained technicians are always ready to come and solve your problem. Thanks to this there are only minimal shutdowns during the mixing proces.

Our technicians are able to substitute electricians, mechanics and locksmith. You do not need to inquire more companies and the entire repair could be done by our company.

All our employees are regularly trained, on the site of the disorder goes only trained personnel. We provide a professional approach of our employees.

Spare part replacement 

Some large parts such as gear units and motors are changing instantly in exchange way .The customer does not have to wait for the repair work. In this way we manage to minimize shutdowns. 

Calibration and adjustment of the weighing system

Calibration and adjustment of the weighing system

Owner of correctly calibrated weighing system has good outputs (concrete, mortar, ...) and he can prove the accuracy of scales with the calibration certificate.

Thanks the calibration the weighing system works with minimal deviation and you will save the material.

Finally, through regular adjustments we are able to uncover minor defects nd repair them before they cause serious failure of the machine.

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