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Special scales

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Based on years of experience, GAPA cz as produces original weighing systems tailored to the given application and customer requirements.

The scale can be done almost from anything also it can be created a sophisticated equipment for weighing nonstandard technology, objects, materials and other components.

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Weighing of silo's, tanks and cisterns

Among the most common demand the company has successfully solved are rebuildings of the existing silo's, various reservoirs of materials and tanks.

These rebuildings include

  • delivery of necessary materialsinstalace
  • system revival
  • instalace
  • operator training

With such a rebuilding weighted reservoir can serve as a dosing weight. Another application is a precise control of the remaining material in a silo or tank. It is possible to realize weighing in potentially explosive atmospheres, the so-called Ex zones

Weighing of machinery and parts of production lines

This group includes all demands for weighing equipment such as dosing machines, parts of production lines, storage tables,supplying tub at biogas stations and more.
These types of orders are implemented in two ways.

Without intervention into the constuction

We‘ll design a suitable weighing construction by which the specified machine or device shall be weighed.

With intervention into the construction

In case it is technically possible we will install sensors directly into the construction.

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