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Verification and calibration of scales

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Verification of a measuring instrument is a procedure (other than type approval) which includes the examination and marking and/or issuing of a verification certificate, that ascertains and confirms that the measuring instrument complies with the statutory requirements .Verification is done in cooperation with the Czech Metrology Institute (CMI). As manufacturers and repairers of scales we adjust and prepare them for official verification. Furthermore We'll arrange a metrologist who performs the verification of scale. Smaller scales can be imported directly to us at the address of company GAPA cz Inc., where we will arrange all the necessary steps to obtain verification. The validity of the official verification is two following years from the year in which the verification was carried out. Thus, if the scale is verified in 4th April, 2015 the verification will end in 31st December , 2017.

Calibration of scales by accredited calibration laboratory

Calibration of scales by accredited calibration laboratory is usually required from companies, which are certified for production in various industries such as suppliers of parts for aerospace, automotive, construction, etc. Such calibration can be performed on the technological scales. Scale does not need to be approved for commercial weighing We perform accredited calibration in collaboration with CMI.

Calibration and adjustment of scales

GAPA cz Inc. has a certificate of registration number 500-OR-0008-09, which entitles us to manufacture and repair of scales. Twelve of our employees have successfully completed training by the Czech Metrology Institute, based on which they have been granted with a certificate of competence for calibration of non-automatic scales. Our calibrated measuring instrument is marked by a calibration label with the date and the name of the technique performing calibration. We also expose a calibration certificate recording the measurement process. The validity of the calibration determines the internal regulation of company using the measuring instrument. Normally validity of calibration is determined for one year from the date of execution. In difficult conditions, or where it is necessary reliability and accuracy of scales and weighing systems (such as concrete batching plants primarily for precast production) is determined the calibration validity period for six months from the date of execution.

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