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Weighing systems

Image 0 - Vážicí systém

Using weighing systems, we are able to accurately weigh and dose all the components required to produce concrete, mortar and other mixtures. The weighing system consists of individual weights fitted with tensometric sensors and processing units, which provide further information in the form of signal control system

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Advantages of electronic weighing system

  • The weights for each component are having specific design and facilities for the selected material (cement, additives, water, aggregates).
  • Quality weighing system guarantees the production of concrete mixtures according to the required standards. It further reduces the possible loss of material during the dosing to a minimum.
  • Weighing system on older types betonáren we can revitalize from mechanical to electronic or hybrid system.
  • Another advantage of the electronic weighing system in cooperation with the control system is the opportunity to evidence of processed material.
  • Electronic weighing system can be merged with the control system and thereby creating a fully automatic operation compared to mechanical weighing system.


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