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Company GAPA cz Inc. own a large amount of weights, which are used for the calibration and verification of scales. Those weights can be lent.


  • For the calibration
  • for load tests, for example of cranes, lifting equipment, elevators and other

We dispose of following

Weight Material Number of pieces
1 t Cast-iron 25
0,5 t Cast-iron 6
20 kg Cast-iron 100
Set of etalon weights stainless steel 3

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Manufacture and sale of weights


We make special weights, custom manufacturing of various types of materials, shapes and capacity. One of the last of such demands was stainless weights with an eye for police divers. In the past, for example, we also produced a set of weights for the Czech Metrology Institute.

Do you have an idea? We will realize it!

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We offer weights of accuracy classes (E1, E2, F1, F2, M1, M2, M3) in all material options (polished or brushed stainless steel, polished or brushed brass, nickel or iron). Weights can be supplied either by the piece or in whole sets. We also offer accessories such as wooden etue, plastic etue, storage and carrying cases.

Calibration and verification of weights

We provide a mediation of commercial verification of weights and calibration of etalon weights and special weights according to CSN 177805 (OIML R111).

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