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  • Lining of wear-resistant materials
  • Perfect for heavy concrete, normal and lightweight
  • Fast and effective mixing even in the presence of materials with different specific weight
  • Optimal mixing thanks to overturning action and transversal boost of the mixing blades placed on opposite sides in helical shape of the fins

The ORU MX single-axle mixer (the heart of the system), owing to its operating system, can mix the various types of material with different specific gravities, such as light concretes, expanded concretes, expanded clay, polystyrene, sandy mixes, mortars and concretes of all classes (from S1 to S5 with no difficulty whatsoever). Owing to the layout of the helix-shaped blades which create a flow and a backflow, movement of the material inside the mixing case takes place by continuous lifting/overturning together with movements from right to left and vice versa..

As may be easily understood and demonstrated, this type of motion is the most effective and allows the mixing of materials that differ from one another, both in terms of specific gravity and class (at the most the mixing time changes). In the case of very wet concretes (class S5) or with higher mixing time than standard, with this mixer no adverse effects take place on the material (segregation of materials) and no grout comes out of the discharge mouth, as occurs in other types of mixers with the outlet located in the bottom part during mixing. In addition, also with very dry concretes (class S1 – S2) the effect of overturning the material warrants the quality of the mix.

Technical characteristics

Pan capacity l 2200
Loading capacity l 1500
Loading capacity kg 2400
Fresh concrete output l 1450
Compacted concrete output m3 1.00
Mixer power kW 37
Mixing and discharging time sec 30+15
Discharging gate - op. by a hydraulic cylinder
Hydraulic unit power kW 1.5
Skip power kW 18.5
Skip speed m/min 33
Weight kg 4400
Pan diameter mm 1400
Pan lenght mm 1500

ORUMS 500/330

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